Card Counting Coach – Begin Your Training Immediately!

Card counting is a very thrilling aspect of blackjack, at least in our opinion here at CasinoTop10. It may not be appreciated as much by the people who administer the casinos, but who are they to judge? Master the skill of card counting by utilizing our free blackjack simulator.

About the Blackjack Card Counting Practice at CasinoTop10

Permit yourself to be virtually transported to a Card Counting trainer offering a training session to help you improve your skills before entering the realm of online casino games for real money. Our staff at CasinoTop10 created this incredible tool to assist you in learning and practicing the art of card counting. This is a skill that improves with practice, so the more you do it, the better you will become. Although there are numerous methods for counting cards, including the ‘True Count,’ ‘Back-Counting,’ and other systems, our card counting practice trainer used the ‘High-Low’ method to train all you blackjack enthusiasts.

The High-Low Strategy

The High-Low method is likely one of the most popular card counting systems used in gambling around the globe. It was first introduced by Harvey Dubner and has since become a hot topic in the online casino community.


The high-low system requires practice before you can count cards like a pro in a casino, despite the fact that it is relatively simple to comprehend. In this system, cards are typically enumerated according to their point value. Check out the table below to learn about the point values assigned to various card ranks.


Card Rank Value 2 1 3 1 4 1 5 1 6 1 7 0 8 0 9 0 10 -1

J -1 Q -1 K -1 A -1

How to Make Use of Our Card Counting Exercise

1) Load the Coach Press the ‘Try it for Free’ icon to load CasinoTop10’s coach. Once the button has been clicked, a pop-up window will display. It will then launch via the browser you are currently employing. In contrast to other online educators, you will not need to download anything to begin your training.


2) Choose Your Playing Level

Select your playing level by selecting on “Easy,” “Medium,” or “Pro.”


Which level should be selected?

If you are just beginning to learn how to count cards, you should always select ‘Easy’. Once you do so, the program will automatically recognize that you have just started learning how to play and will be able to make recommendations based on your skill level. After a period of training, you can advance to the next difficulty level by selecting ‘Medium’. And when you feel that you are nearly prepared to enter a casino, merely train in ‘Pro’ mode.


3) Read the Window’s instructions

As specified in the window’s instructions, the following should be followed when counting cards:


  1. a) Count Low Cards (2-6) as 1; b) Count High Cards (10-A) as -1; c) Count 7,8, 9 as neutral cards (-0).

Keep in mind that your count will continue until the entire deck has been distributed. Additionally, you should maintain your mental count until the next round.


4) Press the ‘Start Counting’ button.

After pressing the ‘Start Counting’ option, you will be able to begin your workout. Each player will receive two cards, and you will be given a specific amount of time to tally them.



Our Tips for Beginning Card Counters

If you’ve never counted cards before, CasinoTop10’s experts recommend keeping a pen and paper accessible at first. Then, when you feel confident enough, begin card counting without using any aids; discard the paper and pen.


5) Answer the Displayed Question

Once time has expired, a box with the query ‘What is the current count?’ will appear. You must answer this query by manually entering a number or by using your arrow keys to increase or decrease the number in order to proceed.



6) Press the ‘Ok’ icon to view the correct response.

Once you are satisfied with your tally, you may press the ‘Ok’ button. After submitting your answer, a box will appear to indicate whether your tally is ‘Right’ or ‘Wrong’ and to provide the correct answer. You can continue to practice in order to perfect card counting in your own time and at your own tempo.



Try Our Free Blackjack Trainer and Win!

Card counting is a fantastic way to obtain an advantage in both land-based and online Live Blackjack Casinos. By utilizing our trainer, you will be able to master card counting. Once you feel comfortable enough to test it out while playing for real money, you can sign up with a Live Blackjack Casino from our list and begin playing blackjack for real money. By selecting a casino from our list, you can receive a special incentive. This will enable you to double or even quadruple your bankroll, putting you in an excellent position to win some cash!